Khan Academy on a Stick

Solving systems of equations for the king

Whether in the real world or a cliche fantasy one, systems of equations are key to solving super-important issues like "the make-up of change in a troll's pocket" or "how can order the right amount of potato chips for a King's party." Join us as we cover (and practice with examples and exercises) all of the major ways of solving a system: graphically, elimination, and substitution. This tutorial will also help you think about when system might have no solution or an infinite number of solutions. Very, very exciting stuff!

Systems of inequalities

You feel comfortable with systems of equations, but you begin to realize that the world is not always fair. Not everything is equal! In this short tutorial, we will explore systems of inequalities. We'll graph them. We'll think about whether a point satisfies them. We'll even give you as much practice as you need. All for 3 easy installments of... just kidding, it's free (although the knowledge obtained in priceless). A good deal if we say so ourselves!

Systems with three variables

Two equations with two unknowns not challenging enough for you? How about three equations with three unknowns? Visualizing lines in 2-D too easy? Well, now you're going to visualize intersecting planes in 3-D, baby. (Okay, we admit that it is weird for a website to call you "baby.")

Non-linear systems of equations

Tired of linear systems? Well, we might just bring a little nonlinearity into your life, honey. (You might want to brush up on your solving quadratics before tackling the non-linear systems.) As always, try to pause the videos and do them before Sal does!