Khan Academy on a Stick

The coordinate plane

How can we communicate exactly where something is in two dimensions? Who was this Descartes character? In this tutorial, we cover the basics of the coordinate plane. We then delve into graphing points and determining whether a point is a solution of an equation. This will be a great tutorial experience if you are just starting to ramp up your understanding of graphing or need some fundamental review.


If you've ever struggled to tell someone just how steep something is, you'll find the answer here. In this tutorial, we cover the idea of the slope of a line. We also think about how slope relates to the equation of a line and how you can determine the slope or y-intercept given some clues. This tutorial is appropriate for someone who understands the basics of graphing equations and want to dig a bit deeper. After this tutorial, you will be prepared to start thinking deeper about the equation of a line.

Equation of a line

You know a bit about slope and intercepts, but want to know more about all the ways you can represent the equation of a line including slope-intercept form, point-slope form, and standard form. This tutorial will satisfy that curiosity!

Midpoint and distance

This tutorial covers some of the basics of analytic geometry: the distance between two points and the coordinate of the midpoint of two points.

Equations of parallel and perpendicular lines

You're familiar with graphing lines, slope and y-intercepts. Now we are going to go further into analytic geometry by thinking about the equations of parallel and perpendicular lines. Enjoy!

Graphing inequalities

In this tutorial we'll see how to graph linear inequalities on the coordinate plane. We'll also learn how to determine if a particular point is a solution of an inequality.