Khan Academy on a Stick


Proof by induction is a core tool. This tutorial walks you through the general idea that if 1) something is true for a base case (say when n=1) and 2) if it is true for n, then it is also true for n+1, then it must be true for all n! Amazing!

Basic sequences and series

This sequence (pun intended) of videos and exercises will help us explore ordered lists of objects--even infinite ones--that often have some pattern to them. We will then explore constructing sequences where the nth term is the sum of the first n terms of another sequence (series). This is surprisingly useful in a whole series (pun intended) of applications from finance to drug dosage.

Deductive and inductive reasoning

You will hear the words "deductive reasoning" and "inductive reasoning" throughout your life. This very optional tutorial will give you context for what these mean.

Advanced sequences and series

You understand what sequences and series are and the mathematical notation for them. This tutorial takes things further by exploring ideas of convergence divergence and other, more challenging topics.