Khan Academy on a Stick

Divisibility tests

Whether you are trying to impress your dog's friends (who are obsessed with figuring out number divisibility) or quickly factor a number, it can be very useful to tell whether a number is divisible by another. This tutorial walks through some of the more standard divisibility methods and describes why they work.

Divisibility and factors

In this tutorial, we'll begin to think about the numbers that "make up" the number. This will be useful throughout our study of math. Whether we are adding fractions, exploring mystical number patterns, or breaking computer codes, factoring numbers are key! Eye of the tiger!

Prime numbers

Prime numbers have been studied by mathematicians and mystics for ages (seriously). They are both basic and mysterious. The more you explore them, the more you will realize that the universe is a fascinating place. This tutorial will introduce you to the magical world of prime numbers.

Prime factorization

You know what prime numbers are and how to identify them. In this tutorial, we'll see that *all* positive whole numbers can be broken down into products of prime numbers (In some way, prime numbers are the "atoms" of the number world that can be multiplied to create any other number). Besides being a fascinating idea, it is also extremely useful. Prime factorization can be used to decrypt encrypted information!

Least common multiple

Life is good, but it can always get better. Just imagine being able to find the smallest number that is a multiple of two other numbers! Other than making your life more fulfilling, it will allow you to do incredible things like adding fractions.

Greatest common divisor

You know how to find factors of a number. But what about factors that are common to two numbers? Even better, imagine the largest factors that are common to two numbers. I know. Too exciting!