Khan Academy on a Stick

Measures of central tendency

This is the foundational tutorial for the rest of statistics. We start thinking about how you can represent a set of numbers with one number that somehow represents the "center". We then talk about the differences between populations, samples, parameters and statistics.

Box-and-whisker plots

Whether you're looking at scientific data or stock price charts, box-and-whisker plots can show up in your life. This tutorial covers what they are, how to read them and how to construct them. We'd consider this tutorial very optional, but it is a good application of dealing with medians and ranges.

Variance and standard deviation

We have tools (like the arithmetic mean) to measure central tendency and are now curious about representing how much the data in a set varies from that central tendency. In this tutorial we introduce the variance and standard deviation (which is just the square root of the variance) as two commonly used tools for doing this.

Sal's old statistics videos

This tutorial covers central tendency and dispersion. It is redundant with the other tutorials on this topic, but it has the benefit of messy handwriting and a cheap microphone. This is Sal circa 2007 so take it all with a grain of salt (or just skip it altogether).