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Solving quadratics by factoring

Just saying the word "quadratic" will make you feel smart and powerful. Try it. Imagine how smart and powerful you would actually be if you know what a quadratic is. Even better, imagine being able to completely dominate these "quadratics" with new found powers of factorization. Well, dream no longer. This tutorial will be super fun. Just bring to it your equation solving skills, your ability to multiply binomials and a non-linear way of thinking!

Completing the square

You're already familiar with factoring quadratics, but have begun to realize that it only is useful in certain cases. Well, this tutorial will introduce you to something far more powerful and general. Even better, it is the bridge to understanding and proving the famous quadratic formula. Welcome to the world of completing the square!

The quadratic formula (quadratic equation)

Probably one of the most famous tools in mathematics, the quadratic formula (a.k.a. quadratic equation) helps you think about the roots of ANY quadratic (even ones that have no real roots)! As you'll see, it is just the by-product of completing the square, but understanding and applying the formula will take your algebra skills to new heights. In theory, one could apply the quadratic formula in a brainless way without understanding factoring or completing the square, but that's lame and uninteresting. We recommend coming to this tutorial with a solid background in both of those techniques. Have fun!

Graphing quadratics

Tired of lines? Not sure if a parabola is a disease of the gut or a new mode of transportation? Ever wondered what would happen to the graph of a function if you stuck an x² someplace? Well, look no further. In this tutorial, we will study the graphs of quadratic functions (parabolas), including their foci and whatever the plural of directrix is.

Quadratic inequalities

You are familiar with factoring quadratic expressions and solving quadratic equations. Well, as you might guess, not everything in life has to be equal. In this short tutorial we will look at quadratic inequalities.

Quadratic odds and ends

This tutorial has a bunch of extra, but random, videos on quadratics. A completely optional tutorial that you may or may not want to look at. If you do, watch it last. There are some Sal oldies here and some random examples.